Ni-hao!  Hello, my name is Adia.  My brother John and I are students at the Princeton Chinese Language School (PCLS) and we would like to introduce you to an innovative audio CD we created that helps introduce kids to Mandarin Chinese.

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Like many native English-speaking kids, my brother and I did NOT want to learn another language, especially Chinese.  However shows like Ni Hao Kai-Lan on Nick Jr. are making it more popular.  Additionally, our parents are pretty clever (they both graduated from Princeton University, my dad has an MBA from The Wharton School and my mom has a Masters degree from Harvard and a PhD from Columbia).  O
ne day, they told us that Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people in the world than any other language.  They said that for English speakers, it is one of the most popular languages to learn because once a person can speak English and Chinese, they can effectively communicate with more than half the people on the planet!  This is why they insisted that we learn Mandarin Chinese.

Who could argue against that?!?  Once we started going to PCLS, we realized that China was a very interesting country with a remarkable history and culture - look to the right for a photo my Dad took of a 1,000 year old pagoda during one of his trips.  We also discovered that learning Mandarin wasn't that bad (other than having class for three hours every Sunday afternoon). 

Therefore, we thought about teaching some of our friends Chinese so we could all speak another language together.  However, most of our American friends are just like we were - reluctant to learn a foreign language because they thought it might be dull, boring or difficult.  So, we developed an innovative approach to introduce kids to Chinese by using native English speakers (our family) and mnemonics (memory tricks). 

Liuhe Pagoda, Hangzhou, China

Listening to our CD (which only takes about 30 minutes), while in the car or around the house, elementary-school aged kids can gain exposure to basic Mandarin Chinese and learn fun and entertaining memory tricks to remember:

  • Greetings

  • Colors

  • Numbers

  • and more!

So don't here to buy your copy of our CD today.  We insist!